A close friend of mine recently asked me if I was happy, and I only hesitated for a second before saying no. On a day to basis things are fine, but when I really think about whether I'm happy and happy with all areas of my life it's a resounding no. There's so much more that I feel I could do with my time, things that would make my life full and rich and exciting, so here goes - the year of chasing happiness.

Career. I graduated from my LPC with a commendation last year, and I'm super proud of myself for finding a grad job at a firm I love. This year I must focus on applications for a training contract and think about relocating to London for work. 

Body. I'm now into a routine of hitting the gym in the morning followed by nightly Yoga; my main goals are to get my feet flat in downward dog, be able to to a handstand (couldn't even do these as a kid so this should be fun) and be more consistent with my strength training.

Blog. Having penned just four posts last year, 2016 was the lowest point for my blog. I miss the writing, photographing, scheduling but mainly I miss the community. Manchester is great for events and I used to meet so many lovely bloggers on a weekly basis, and chat away all day on twitter, Here's to blogging more in 2017 and meeting a ton of you lovely lot!

Love. I have been single for a long long time, and d'you know what, I bloody love it! Saying that a lot of my friends are coupled up, or serial dating and it would be nice to get dressed up in a while and go out for a few drinks.. maybe get butterflies and chat all night or maybe make a quick escape and run down the street in heels to the bar where all your girlfriends are. But seriously, how do you meet people these days? Advice much appreciated. 

Here's to plenty of positivity, happiness and goal chasing in 2017! Happy New Year everybody!


  1. These are great goals! good luck with the move to London

  2. Happy new year! Such great goals. I know what you mean with the whole blogging thing. I lost a lot of momentum last month so am hoping I can start building it back up again

    Bec x | http://blvsh.com

  3. Happy New Year Bec! Thank you, I hope you get back into posting again too x

  4. Aw, finding happiness should always be your goal :) Something everyone deserves! Best of luck with it hun. Keep positive x

  5. Happy New Year!
    Happiness is not something that needs to be pursued, it is part of our natural state (in the coaching side of my life I am planning on running some sessions to help people rediscover their inner happiness and well-being, let me know if you'd like me to send you some info!)

    It sounds like you have accomplished a lot last year though :) Xx

  6. So relatable - my blog has also been put aside ever since I got a full time job. And needing advice for that last point as well haha! Happy New Year x


  7. Really feel that I should make a list like this of my own! It sounds like you're focused on the things you need to achieve to get to where you need to be so wishing you lots of luck in pursuing your happiness :) K x