A few weeks ago I was invited down to Bakerie, a wine bar in the Northern Quarter to take a look at their new wine jukebox. The really simple concept allows you to sample a number of wines from around the world that are normally quite expensive by the bottle. The jukebox contains eight whites and eight reds, and they are switched up on a regular basis. 

I've only just started to appreciate red wine, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to learn about different reds. I really enjoyed the Italian Abruzzo which had strawberry and Morello cherry flavours, balanced with vanilla. My favourite white was a sauvignon blanc from India, with notes of green pepper and coriander. It was unlike any wine I've ever tried before, really unique and fresh tasting. 
All you have to do is load some money onto a card and you can use this throughout the night to serve yourself from the jukebox. On #WineWednesdays Bakerie will double the money you load onto the card, so if you put on £10 they'll make it £20, which is fantastic. With this great offer I'd recommend booking in advance, as it can get quite busy. 
The wine was accompanied by Bakerie's sharing boards; Charcuterie, Cheese, Sea and Vegan. I also tried at least five different types of freshly baked bread which were all fantastic. I'll definitely be heading back to try some of their main courses.
Get yourself down tomorrow and take advantage of #winewednesdays.

*P.S.. apologies for the lack of photos in this post. I sampled 16 wines; ALL my pictures were blurry*


  1. such a novel idea?!?! I love it when places try to think outside the box

  2. Haha, it was a really lovely evening and I congratulate both you and Tapoka for trying out all 16 wines!