001. This post is coming to you from a stunning penthouse in Falmouth, where I'm staying with L and her family. We drove down yesterday; an eight hour sunny drive in a car with no air con is not the best way to travel! We headed straight out to explore, and then enjoyed fish and chips with a glass (or two) of wine on the balcony overlooking the harbour. Today is actually pretty grey, so we're going to have a lazy brunch and then a look around Pendennis castle.

002. I've been really off my blogging game this June, partly due to things going on at home, and partly due to just being so tired all the time. I really miss getting posts out and chatting to other bloggers though, so I definitely want to get back into a schedule, especially now I don't have exams. Do you have any tips for starting up again after you lose motivation?

003. Highlight of the week? Taylor Swift #1989TourManchester. We went to see her on Wednesday night at the Manchester Arena, and she was amazing. She sang all the songs from the album, as well as rock versions of Love Story and I Knew You Were Trouble. Her outfits were great, as well as her backing dancers and choreography. I've seen her tour before, and she just keeps on getting better.

004. I've been making healthy food swaps recently, things like having peppermint tea instead of normal tea, muesli for breakfast and sushi for lunch. I wouldn't say I eat unhealthily anyway, but I struggle to lose weight because I hardly ever exercise. I'd love to find a type of exercise that I actually enjoy doing, has anyone tried anything new recently? 

005. This weeks best meal came from Federal, we popped down for brunch and I had eggs royale with smashed avocado. L had a halloumi dish, with mushrooms, smashed avocado and poached eggs. I also had a lovely chai spiced latte. The service and food is great and I definitely recommend you check it out next time you're in Manchester. 


Self care is an interesting concept, and something that I never really gave much thought to before my dad passed away. It's all too easy to get swept away with life and not give yourself any time to grieve or explore how you're really feeling. With the help of a University counsellor, I've realised how much I pushed my dad's death to the back of my mind when it happened. I made myself strong for other people, never let myself cry and took on more work than I could manage. Now I'm going through days where it's so hard to come to terms with what has happened, and all I want to do is stay in bed and not talk to anyone. I often feel worse than I did in the few days or months immediately after, and I know that special days will be even more difficult. 

Today is the first time in 22 years I haven't spent Father's Day with my dad, waking up early to make him a huge breakfast and then spent the rest of the day doing something as a family. Today I'm going to someone else's engagement, and I really don't want to go. It might sound selfish, but today my perfect day involves a hot bath, a good book and plenty of tea and talking to my uni friends. Here are some things you could do when you're having a tough day: 

Make time for yourself. Do something that you want to do, even if that thing is sitting in bed doing nothing. Do something that you used to enjoy, such as getting outside for a walk or having a pamper evening. Reading can provide a great escape into another world. 

Don't feel guilty for looking after yourself. There's no shame in having a bad day now and then; if giving yourself the time to grieve or get upset allows you to focus better when you're at work or in public then do it. 

Have perspective. This is personally one of the hardest things for me to do. I wrote this list of the things I'm grateful for, but I don't do this often enough. Although it feels like it sometimes, I haven't lost everything and I need to focus on all the good times I spent with my dad. 

Avoid harmful situations. I switched on the radio this morning and they were having a discussion about Father's Day. I know that social media is going to be full of people posting pictures of them with their dads, so I'm just going to stay away. Sometimes it's OK to do nothing but be by yourself and avoid the world. 

Live Well. Make some time to exercise, spend some time focusing on your skincare and up your vitamins and healthy eating. It's all too easy to order Domino's from your bed, but self-care is about looking after your mind and body, and eating junk constantly won't make you look or feel good. 

What are your tips for self care on the hardest of days?


001. I've just gotten back from my cousins Hen weekend in Amsterdam; it was so lovely to spend some proper time with her and all her friends before the wedding in August. As we were only there for two days I didn't really get a feel for the city but we did do some really great activities such as a prossecco bike tour, nude painting and going to a sex show in the evening, which was certainly an experience. If you're planning a hen Amsterdam is definitely worth considering as there is plenty to do, and it's less than an hours flight from the UK. 
002. As a post exam treat I picked up this pancake lens for my Canon. I didn't really need it but I wanted something light and portable to take on holiday and I love it. It didn't get in my way at all, and made carrying my camera around all day so easy. The only downside is the fact that it's already quite close to what you want to photograph, I don't know how to explain it but if you want to take a picture of a group you have to stand quite far back. 
003. I'm off home for the week, but I'm not looking forward to it at all. The house feels so empty without dad around, and mum will just have me working in the shop every day. Of course I want to help out, and make her life easier, but living and working in such a small town after being in Manchester seems so dull. 
004. In a few weeks I'm off to Falmouth with L and her family, and I'm so excited as I've never been to Cornwall. I've been checking the weather recently and it hasn't been very good down there, but hopefully it improves by the time we get there. Has anyone been before? Any recommendations?
005. Most of my friends have already watched OITNB this weekend; last year we watched it all on the day it came out, but I've been away. Some of my favourite characters are Sophia, Crazy Eyes and Red, and of course I can't wait to see Ruby Rose. 


This Kevyn Aucoin palette has filled a gap in my life that I didn't even know was there. Containing four shadows, two lip colours and two cream blushes it's the perfect size for travelling. Before I owned this I used to lug around my Naked palette, a few different blush palettes and endless lip options. Now, this palette has me covered. The packaging is a heavyweight cardboard, with magnetic closings and a large mirror. The snakeskin effect is very chic and something I love to show off on my dressing table. It also contains two handy tutorials for a natural and dramatic look.
'Soft Clay' is a pretty pinky matte shade, which works well swept over the lid, and 'Shimmering Wheat' is a pale gold shimmer that serves as a highlight for the inner corner and under the browbone. Out of the four shadows 'Bronze' is my favourite, a beautiful brown bronze shade which can be used to create a really smoky eye. 'Coffee Bean' is the 'liner' colour, but I love it for filling in my brows. The shadows are all buttery and apply easily, with no fallout or creasing.
The two cheek colours 'Tresbelle' and 'Tansoleil' both blend easily with fingers and you only need a little bit of product for a pretty wash of colour. Both are buildable for a stronger look, and both work well as lip colours, making this palette super versatile. 'Beaugonia', the natural lip offering doesn't work for me as a lip colour, instead I prefer to use this as a highlight, for the bridge of my nose, cupids bow and under my browbone. 'Tammabelle' a rosy pink shade is much more suited to my skintone and it also works well as a cheek colour.
Having never tried any products from Kevyn Aucoin before, this palette was a great introduction to the brand. I'm definitely lusting after more of the eyeshadows now, such as this pretty palette. Have you ever tried any products from Kevyn Aucoin?