Hello Giggles
Seeing as I really haven't done anything this week except revise, I thought I'd share with you five things I like to do on a Sunday. 

001. Make a plan for the week. Fill in your diary, plan out your revision and make a huge to-do list. Clean your desk and reply to any emails from last week. Come Monday morning, you'll know exactly what your goals for the week are and be able to get off to a much more productive start

002. Head outside and explore. It's all too easy to let another Sunday pass where all you've done is binge-watch netflix in bed. Whilst those kinda days are necessary once in a while, it's also great to do something. Grab a friend and have a picnic in your local park, hit up a market or car boot sale or have a wander around a new area of town. Now that the weather is getting nicer, there's nothing stopping you from taking your lazy Sunday outside.

003. Meal prep. Have a look around the kitchen, see what needs using up and plan out your meals for the week. You could do a grocery order or head to the shops, but having a list will mean you're less likely to throw in the 3 for 2 jaffa cakes.. I often roast a chicken to use in salads and light lunches during the week. Why not try baking breakfast muffins or making smoothie bags for quick and healthy weekday breakfasts

004. Wash your makeup brushes. This one is self-explanatory, I know it's a chore but it also needs to be done if you want to keep spots and bacteria at bay. Pop on some YouTube, get some baby shampoo or Dr Bronners and get going. Nothing beats fresh brushes on a Monday morning. 

005. Have a Sunday Pamper Sesh. As often as possible, I try and reserve Sunday evenings for running a hot bath, giving my self a deep cleansing facial and painting my nails. There's nothing better than taking a few hours for yourself, pampering yourself and getting yourself ready to take on the week ahead.

What do you like to do on Sunday's?


  1. Some great tips, I need to get into the habit of clearing out my email inbox every Sunday because mine just overruns. I did do the pampering this evening though so that's off the list :) x

  2. The "chicken" tip is one of the best things ever! I do that at least once a week - it's not only a great money saver but if done right, it's also a much healthier option than eating ready meals and other rubbish! So yeah, recommended!!!

    Oliver //

  3. Yeah I love Sundays! This unique feeling you can do whatever you want! I am like you a bit, I want spend the entire day in bed... i would plan and make all sort of things. such a good day cannot be wasted! :)

  4. I really need to get back into meal prep. I'm great at planning, but without the prep I don't always end up sticking to my plan!! I'm all for giant to do lists though, I swear by my bullet journal!

  5. You're totally right about the getting outside but Nish! I stayed in Saturday day and night and oh dear GOD I was going stir crazy! Xxx ps motivated me to wash my brushes x

  6. I love this list! I have been wanting to use sundays fora self pamper day for a while now. It seems the perfect thing to do before the start of a new week. I also am so bad at regularly cleaning my make up brushes... Such a good idea to set time aside every sunday to do it!

    Sarah xxx ||