001. Out of sight out of mind. Put some clothes/ children's toys/ cooking utensils away in a box under the stairs. Set a deadline (say three months) and if you don't find yourself needing those items before the time is up then you probably don't need them at all. Get rid. 

002. Buy more storage. OK I know it's counter-intuitive to buy more stuff when you're trying to declutter your home. But storage bins, wicker baskets, and drawer dividers all help your home look neat and streamlined, and help you find things quickly. Homesense is great for pretty and affordable items, and try muji for all your acrylic storage needs. Chalk labels are also a practical and stylish way of ensuring you know where everything is. 

003. Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't set aside one day to organise your whole house. No one can focus on a single task for eight+ hours. It's much better to set aside a few hours when you can, and focus on one room. This also gives you a chance to deep clean areas that don't normally get cleaned, such as the airing cupboard or under the bed. 

Mobile Mini kindly gifted me £50 to spend at NotOnTheHighStreet.com and I wanted to use it to sort out some storage issues in the kitchen. Despite me and L being students, we're both total foodies and our stuff fills a large-ish kitchen. We struggled to fit everything in, and end up buying duplicate ingredients because we can't easily see what we have in. Until I found this beautiful vegetable cart. Each crate has a metal label, with French script in the style of a chalkboard. They're not screwed together, which means you can have them in any order you want or separate them around your kitchen. It slots in perfectly next to the fridge and holds all our potatoes, onions, garlic as well as fruits and veg that don't go in the fridge. We've freed up a lot of cupboard and counter space, and cooking is so much easier now that everything in one place. 

What do you think of this simple storage solution? Share your top decluttering tips in the comments. 


A few weeks ago I was invited to try out Trilogy Skincare at a Manchester event. Having heard great things about the brand but having never tried their products I was eager to go along. I was very impressed by the whole ethos of the brand; Trilogy aspire to create high-performance products that are "better ethically, aesthetically and environmentally." All their products use natural and organic ingredients, avoid synthetic fragrances, colours and genetically modified ingredients, and they don't test on animals. The packaging of the products is fully recyclable, and each product should be used within 6 months of opening. A lot of skincare has a life of 24 months, and this just highlights how fresh Trilogy products are. You can find out more about their principles here.

One of their cult products is the Rosehip Oil, which is also an ingredient used throughout this whole range. Rosehip oil has many benefits, including soothing and hydrating dry and chapped skin, fade scarring and nourish brittle nails. Rosapene, a unique Trilogy formula, brings together rosehip oil and oat extract with tomato, acai and cranberry seed oil to replenish and nourish skin.

Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + The original cult product, reformulated with antioxidants to form Rosapene, has become my favourite product from the range. Every morning and evening I use a few drops before my moisturiser, and take the time to massage it into my skin. It absorbs quickly, and has a lovely, spa like scent. I'm hoping that this will reduce my acne scarring, and whilst I've only been using it for a few weeks my skin tone looks a lot brighter and more even.

Vital Moisturising Cream This hydrating cream can be used morning or evening, on all skin types. You only need a little bit of product, and it absorbs quickly providing a smooth base for makeup. My skin feels soft and nourished after using this, although I find it a little to heavy to use every morning. I love the smell of this moisturiser; it's very calming and I love to take the time to massage it in when winding down in the evening. It contains Rosapene for hydration and protection against signs of ageing, and evening primrose oil and orange flower to soothe and rejuvenate skin.

Mineral Radiance Mask This mineral-rich Kaolin clay mask deeply cleanses skin, whilst rosehip and evening primrose oils add moisturise back in. I love that it comes with a little spatula to make application less messy. It also doesn't dry and crack on your face like traditional clay masks, and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or dry. I love to pop this on when I have a bath, as you can really feel it soothing skin with the hot steam. My skin looks radiant after use, and it doesn't break me out as I find lots of other clay masks do. 

If you're looking for some natural and affordable skincare I'd definitely recommend you check out Trilogy, but if you can only afford one product to add to your routine, make it the Antioxidant+ Oil. 


001. I'm supposed to be handing in two pieces of coursework this week, and I'm nowhere near finishing either of them. So why am I writing this post I hear you ask? Because once again, I find myself stuck in procrastination mode. I'm in my final semester of my final year at University, and I just can't seem to get my work done. Is anyone else having the same problem?

002. We went for a walk around Cannock Chase this week. The weather was beautiful, and it was so nice to escape into the woods and hear nothing but birdsong. Is there anywhere you'd recommend for getting some peace in Manchester?

003. The worst part of this week was Friday; we were stuck on the M6 for almost five hours! We didn't move for two hours, everyone switched their engines off and opened their doors. Luckily the sun was shining and I had great company.

004. I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire this week.. talk about procrastination. I've been hooked on the TV series for a while now, and I can't wait for the new season to start next week. The book is really enjoyable so far, it's very descriptive and you get much more background knowledge and depth of character than the TV adaptation. If you love the show, you'll love the books even more. 

005. As the weather was so good this week, we decided to sort out the front garden of our house. First we had to dig everything out, as there were lots of weeds and rubbish. We came across snails, caterpillars and other creepie crawlies in the process, luckily I was wearing gloves! Then we laid down some compost and plant food and planted dahlias, roses, honeysuckle, freesias and begonias. Did anyone else get their green fingers on this weekend?


Harry Potter. Technically eight movies, but watching any of them instantly makes me feel happier. These are the movies I turn to, and will always turn to after a bad day. If I had to pick a favourite it would be Order of the Phoenix, because I love Imelda Staunton and the portrayal of Harry, Ron and Hermione's friendship in the film. 

Titanic. I'll forever love this classic, and I'll cry every single time. I don't watch this all the time, but when I do I'm hooked; the drama, the romance, the sinking ship. It's also fantastically made, despite being almost twenty years old, you'd never know. And Leo.

Les Misérables. I love musicals, and Les Mis is one of my all time favourites. Ever since seeing it on the West End I've been hooked on the story, the music and now I'm hooked on the film. Russell Crowe does a wonderful job of playing Javert, and I particularly love Eddie Redmayne and Daniel Huttlestone too.

Love Actually. The ultimate Christmas movie, and the ultimate love story. The casting is fantastic, featuring some of my favourite actors and actresses. Why can't our PM be as cool as Hugh Grant

Frozen. Whilst there isn't a single Disney movie I don't like, Frozen has been my all time favourite since it's release. I guess it would be fair to say I have well and truly been hit by Frozen fever, just like every five year old girl in the world. I know the lyrics to every song, have the pyjamas and aspire to braid like Elsa.

The Parent Trap, Wild Child, Devil Wears Prada & all the James Bond movies are also favourites of mine. What movies can you watch over and over again without getting bored?  


001. I'm heading back to Manchester on Tuesday, so my Sunday Post's *shouldn't* be as boring from next week. Home feels so quiet compared to the busy streets of Manchester, and everywhere feels so far away.. No chance of a quick trip to Nando's when the closest one is forty minutes away! I also missed a few blog events I really wanted to go to.. Check out Holly's post on Trends IllustratedGail's post on the Avalanche Relaunch and Em's write up of Hancocks Jewellers. How great do all those events look?

002. We went to a wedding reception yesterday, and whilst I was getting my sari ready I thought I'd photograph a few details with my new camera. I love how this photo came out; the colours appear so vibrant and the embroidery catches the light so well. We have saris in most colours, and I think they'd look lovely photographed in complimentary colours and framed along a white wall.

003. This outfit post got an insane amount of comments, I was so happy that people liked it. I love reading personal style blogs and putting looks together, but I've struggled with weight loss and acceptance of my body shape for a while now. I compare myself to others constantly, and find it hard to hit publish on outfit posts and put myself out there for everyone to see. After all your lovely comments I'm starting to realise that people are genuinely more interested in what I'm wearing than judging me on my size. 

004. I've realised that I cannot write a blog post until my pictures are taken, edited and in place. Having the final images in front of me gives me the inspiration to get my words out, and also goes a huge way towards making a post feel complete. Does anyone else feel the same?

005. Whilst I've been at home I've made an effort to wear no makeup most days, as well as nurture my skin with Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + and the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. My skin looks ten times better than it did two weeks ago,  much smoother and brighter. I'm going to make a huge effort to go makeup free during the revision period and keep on using both of these products.


Before heading to the Trilogy skincare event, I had a chance to shoot with the lovely Laura from Fashion, Eats & Treats. You can see her outfit pictures here. The standout piece of my outfit is this pretty pink coat, which was a bargain in the Primark sale. My mum and friends were a little shocked when I brought home a pink coat as pink is just not my colour! I do love the bright shade though; I feel it suits my skin tone and livens up my usually dark outfits. The classic shape is great too as it makes it a very wearable piece for spring. I wore MAC lipstick in Capricious to add another little pop of pink.

The blue skirt was also £3 in the Primark sale. I didn't plan to wear so much blue but I love layering with this vintage denim shirt. I tied it at the waist to give my outfit some shape, and popped a black Zara cami underneath. This beauty of a bag is from M&S, and my low heeled boots are these from H&M. My jewellery is a mix of pieces I've picked up in Accessorize, Topshop and Primark. I love the contrast between the pink and the blue, and it makes a change from my usual, all black errythang. What do you think of my bright outfit?