001. I'm really looking forward to this week thanks to having three blog events and a night out planned next weekend. I'll be at the Branded Lab show, Manchester Blog Meet and Body Shop Detox event so hopefully I'll see lots of you Manchester bloggers around!
002. We visited my local pet shop today, as my friend was looking into buying a fish. The place is absolutely amazing with a huge variety of fish, birds and small animals such as hamsters. They also had a French bulldog puppy, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about him all day. He was by himself and he looked so bored, and so fed up of the people trying to crowd around and play with him. We've been looking into getting a French bulldog or a pug, but we haven't heard back from our landlord yet (probably his way of saying no!) I wanted to buy him there and then and show him what a real home is like. 
003. I've been taking part in the DW fitness 40 days of fitness challenge. So far tasks have included walking/ jogging 20 minutes extra and doing 90 squats with weights. The challenges are only little but they are all about fitting exercise in when you can, and beating your own personal best each week. This week I managed to hold a plank for 34 second which I know isn't very long but it's good for me!
004. Last night I had a few friends over to stay, we had a great night watching mean girls and gogglebox, making Mexican and Korean food and eating lots of yummy desserts and sweets. I used to have pyjama parties when I was younger, and this year I decided it would be a great way to celebrate turning 22. 
005. Make sure you enter my 500 follower giveaway.. You could win 2 MAC lipsticks and a MAC lipliner of your choice. It ends on the 18th March, so do enter, and good luck! 


  1. Aww tat 40day challenge sounds great! I need to start do it exercises! So far I am only getting fat ;)
    Anna, Yay or Nay Interiors+Lifestyle & Beauty

    1. Awh haha me too, the challenge is great.. Even if it's only a little bit of exercise it's better than nothing! X

  2. yay im going to branded lab too!! feels like ages since ive been out so i cant wait! xx