...but I'm feeling 22! Yes, that's right it's my birthday.. It's actually my first birthday without my dad here to say celebrate with me, and although that makes it a completely different day from previous years, my friends and family have worked really hard to make it really special for me. I've received some wonderful cards and presents, such as a camera and tripod, a kindle with all the Harry Potter books loaded on, aswell as some makeup and clothes. I'm heading out for dinner tonight and next Saturday I'll be celebrating with all my close friends. 
So whilst it's different, and whilst it's hard, it's not the hardest day I've faced since losing dad. Mum sent me some beautiful flowers and a card addressed from both of them, and they made me so happy and sad at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I don't stop and give myself time to sit and cry, and to remember all the good things about my dad. On my birthday he would always spoil me with flowers and chocolates, and for my 21st him and mum threw me a wonderful party. I'm really trying to remember that he always tried his hardest to make this day special and fun for me, and so I shouldn't sit around and mope, but instead be happy to have an extremely loving family and set of friends who will continue to make my birthday a wonderful day each year.


  1. I feel your pain! I lost my dad a year ago and still it didn't sink! I was now writing my valentines post when I received a message that my grandma just past away :( I had to distract myself, hence I am all over other blogs reading. Not feeling the valnetise.. :( You have amazing support from family! My family lives thousand miles away from UK and all I have is skype.. ! I hope you will have a wonderful birthday!

    all best Anna,

    1. Awh Anna, I'm sorry to hear that.. My family are amazing, I just wish I could see them more which is something you must be thinking too? I don't know how people used to cope without skype! I had a lovely day thank you xx

  2. I hope you has a nice day Nisha, you're so strong and it's good that you're staying positive


  3. I hope you had a great day :) Staying positive and remembering the good things will help! Stay strong and happy birthday x

  4. Happy belated birthday!
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