For me, Sunday's are all about staying in, putting some cosy pyjamas on and having some serious me-time. Some weeks that means studying all day, and others I can sit back and relax a bit more. I saw Jennie from Sailboat do this tag, after seeing FleurDeForce do it on her YouTube channel, and I thought it was perfect for a Sunday post..

1. What do you like to read or watch during me-time?
At the moment I'm reading 'The Goldfinch', and it's pretty slow going, but if I'm need of cheering up I like to dig out a Harry Potter book. I grew up reading the series, and there is nothing like that happy, comforted feeling I get when reading now.

2. What do you wear during me-time?
Pyjamas; I've really been loving my Primark squirrel onesie recently.

3. What are your favourite me-time beauty products?
For me, it's all about a good facemask.. Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel really brightens dull winter skin, and the Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion is my go to manual exfoliator.

4. Current favourite nail polish?

Barry M Glitter polishes are what I always turn to for that festive look, I love Christmas Tree for an accent nail.

5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?
Endless cups of tea, with Jaffa Cakes or Oreos, any chocolate biscuit will do!

6. Current favourite candle?  
'Fireside Treats' from Yankee Candle is lovely, it fills the house with the scent of toasted marshmallows, but I'm looking forward to switching up with some Christmas candles soon.

7. Do you ever have an outdoor me-time?

Never! I'm not a very outdoorsy person, and I certainly don't like being on my own outside. In the summer I do enjoy a coffee and a good, long people watch sesh with the bestie.

8. Would you ever go and watch a film alone?
Nope, living at uni means I spend a lot of time with friends; they become like your family really, so if there was anything I wanted to see I'd always go with a friend.

9. Favourite online shop?
Gifts and Pieces always makes me want to buy something, and it's great for Christmas gifts too.

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
When no one else is home I love to watch the Tinkerbell movies, or anything Disney really *hangs head in shame*
I'd love to know what you do during me-time, do the tag and let me know in the comments below or on twitter @nishKpatel


  1. that's a lovely tag, I might even have to do that one myself. I'm definitely reading Harry Potter again over christmas :D xx

    1. I've been watching the movies over Christmas too.. they make a great break from revision x

  2. Love this post Nisha! Ooh I need to read The Goldfinch :) love Disney movies too, my fave is Thumbelina :D

    Emma Louise xx

    1. Thanks! I haven't actually seen Thumbelina, I'll be sure to watch it soon x

  3. This is brill! Everyone needs to schedule in some "me time"! I'm currently trying to work my way through the Divergent books - I definitely need a bit more "Me Time" to sit down and enjoy these!! xx

    1. Oooh I haven't read the Divergent books, I loved the movie though so maybe I'll try and read them this year x

  4. The Goldfinch is such a slow read, I totally agree, but it does tie together quite nicely towards the end! I particularly enjoyed the parts set in Las Vegas (not going to give away too much since i'm not sure where you are in the book right now)

    I'd love to read a book review once you finish!

    1. I've never done a book review on my blog before, but I love reading other peoples so I'll try and write one soon! I've finished the Goldfinch now and I'm glad I didn't give up as I really enjoyed the ending x

  5. I love reading these tags :) Fireside Treats is a lovely candle and I bought that Barry M Polish for a friend recently - so cute and festive! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    1. Awh thank you.. I wish I could burn Fireside Treats all year round, it's lovely x