Nasi Lemak is a Maylasian streetfood kitchen hidden away in the Friendship Inn in Fallowfield. Last week me and a friend went along to a menu tasting event to sample some of the dishes they offer. The pictures I took aren't the best, partly because the lighting was dim, but mainly just because the food was served buffet style and I was so eager to tuck in. 

The focus is on street food and traditional flavour, not fancy and experimental dishes. I couldn't judge on the authenticity of the cuisine, but my friend who is from Malaysia certainly could. She said that "The dishes were really authentic and full of flavour; the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, with hints of chilli." The owner, Jimmy is a passionate foodie, full of knowledge about the dishes and the culture, so if you get a chance to speak to him, make sure you take advantage.

Starters such as Spring Rolls and Chicken Wontons were made fresh on site, and you could really taste and see exactly what went into them, which made a change from the processed stuff you usually come across. The Chicken and Rice was an essentially simple meal, but one that focused on the flavour of the chicken. The rice is cooked in chicken broth, which is something I will be trying at home.

Malay curries are especially flavoursome without being too spicy, and the Curry Ayam was favoured by many who don't like it too hot. It was a little bit sweet for my tastes and I much prefered the  Devil's Chicken Curry with spicy and tender chicken. The Prawn Sambal was another standout dish for me; perfectly cooked prawns in a spicy, tomatoey sauce. Lots of people were also going for seconds of the Beef Rendang, which I didn't try. 

We were invited as guests of the restaurant and were not asked to pay for our food or drinks, but I thought the prices were really reasonable, with a particular focus on catering for the student budget. I really enjoyed all the food that I tried, and the only downside to Nasi Lemak is the venue. From the outside it really isn't clear that the pub serves such great Malaysian food, and they definitely need to do more to promote it. Nasi Lemak also deliver, and you can order online hereYou can find out more about Nasi Lemak on their facebook page.

Do you like Malaysian food? Have you ever been to Nasi Lemak?


  1. I love Malaysian food, I have been craving spring rolls for the last week!


  2. Very good food here. Recommend trying it.

    Ben Scanlon