• Be more organised
  • Get fit, lose weight etc.
  • Blog more
  • Study harder
  • Drink more water
  • blah blah blah..
The list goes on and most of you will recognise these as things everyone wants to improve. Instead of feeling guilty when next Christmas rolls around and I still haven't achieved my aims, I've decided to do away with New Year's resolutions and work on mini-goals each month. So for January, as my focus will be exams and revision, my aims are: 
  1. Stick to my revision schedule - this means waking up and going to bed around the same time, and doing all of my revision early on in the day when my concentration is at it's highest. This will also allow for evenings off to catch up on blogs and tv as a reward for hard work.
  2. Go to Zumba four times this month - usually when I have deadlines, all exercise regimes fall away, so I'm starting small, and aiming for a class a week. 
  3. Drink two herbal teas per day - they are great for concentration when revising, and will also boost my water intake which is usually next to nothing in the colder months.
Do you have any New Years resolutions? Have you set smaller goals this year to help to achieve large ones?