After a long week of lectures, seminars and the odd night out, the weekend is the perfect time to relax and indulge in a pamper session. And you can't have a pamper session without candles. I love Yankee Candles because they don't break the bank, but they do burn really well. The range is fantastic, the small jars have a burn time of 25-40 hours, and unlike many cheaper candles you can smell them whilst they burn.  Plus they make my uni room feel a whole lot more like home. I've just burnt my way through Pink Lady Slipper; a beatiful blend of rose petals, jasmine and violets. Whilst this was perfect for summer I decided to invest in some seasonal choices and Salted Caramel was top of my list. This candle is described as a blend of "burnt sugar, sea salt and smooth vanilla caramel" but all I have to say is that this makes me very hungry. Next up, Christmas Eve, a candle that simply smells like Christmas, perfectly described as "a warm hearth, sugared plums and candied fruits".

The small jars are a perfect way of trying different fragrances, and with Christmas coming up, sets like these make perfect gifts.  Will you be gifting anyone Yankee Candles this Christmas.. Or perhaps gifting them to yourself?


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