I saw this tag over on Amie's blog, and I thought it would be a nice one to do as a change from my usual beauty posts. I love reading posts like this as I love to learn more about the person behind the blog.. so here goes.

  1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight? Wavy. And frizzy. I always wish I had properly curly hair, as mine only curls underneath and the top layer just frizzes up.
  2. Do you dye your hair yourself or go to a salon? I don't dye my hair very often but when I do I do it at home using John Frieda foam colour. My hair is really dark brown, so dying it gives more of a hint of colour rather than a drastic change. I alternate between the shades: Dark red brown, medium red brown and medium chocolate brown, depending on whether I fancy a red tint or not.
  3. Do your wear the same style everyday or do you change it? My hair is cut into a long bob, which requires a lot more styling than when I had long hair. I find that short hair is really easy to play around with so I do little things, such as pinning half up, or plaiting the front section. For uni I mostly just wear my hair down, either straight or in it's natural state. I have a full fringe but often push it over to the side or clip it back; sometimes I french braid my hair and sometimes I twist it into a tiny bun.
  4. Do you do your own manicures and pedicures or do you go to a salon? I do my nails and toenails myself; student budgets just don't stretch to salon visits, but I would definitely get them done for a special occasion such as my 21st next year!
  5. How often do you change your nail polish? I'm really lazy when it comes to taking off chipped nail polish, so I like to wear nude shades during the week. I'll paint my nails with brighter colours if I'm going out, but usually swap back to nude within a day or two.
  6. Do you paint your toes in the winter or just the summer? I always have painted toenails as I think my feet look weird without them. I love bright corals, pinks and oranges for the summer and deep reds and navys for wintertime.
  7. Do you plan your outfit the night before or just decide when getting dressed? I have ideas in my head of what I want to wear for special occasions, but I always plan a few outfits because I always change my mind. My outfit completely depends on my mood, and also with the crazy Manchester weather you never know what to wear tomorrow.
  8. How often do your change your handbag? Hardly ever, I have two bags from Zara.. One big one for all my uni things and then a small everyday, popping to town kinda bag. I usually take a clutch on a night out so sometimes I change that up, but my everyday bags stay the same until I fancy a new bag.
  9. How long does it take you to put on your makeup? Ten minutes for a natural, every day face, but at least half an hour, maybe more for a night out.
  10. What do you do first? Face or eyes? Every grwm video shows bloggers doing their base first.. all my friends and cousins do it first too but I prefer to do foundation after my eye make up, particularly when I'm building up a strong smokey eye, so that I can tidy away any fall out from my eyeshadow.

  11.  Do you collect makeup or just buy it when you need it? I wouldn't say that I collect makeup, I use everything I buy but I suppose I do buy nail polish and lipstick when I like colours rather than because I've run out. I also buy things like concealer or mascara on 3 for 2 so I always have backups in the house.
  12. How often do your wear false lashes? I always buy some for things like halloween and fancy dress parties but I always try and apply them on the night and I fail. I really should practice before I want to use them.
  13. Do you wear a full face of makeup everyday? Nope, most days I only have an hour or two in uni, so I just wear concealer, bb cream, mascara over curled lashes and lipstick/ tinted lip balm.
  14. Will you leave the house without makeup? Yes if I'm just popping to the shops/ gym, but for anything else I at least need concealer and a slick of balm.
  15. How many high end products do you own? Not loads, but I have been spending more on products since I went on a clothes spending ban. Some of my favourite things to splurge on are good moisturisers, lipsticks (from mac, although I love high st offerings too) and perfumes.
  16. What time do you wake up and go to sleep? I usually wake up around seven and go to bed at eleven or sometimes later. I can't have a lie-in on weekends though, I much prefer to be up and doing things, even if it's just watching tv on the sofa.
  17. How many pets do you have? None.. I've never had any growing up either as my mum doesn't like animals, but as soon as I get my own house it's two cats a dog and maybe a rabbit.
  18. How often are you on Blogger? Not often enough, I'm just not one of those people who can balance posting with a second year workload and a social life. But when it comes to reading blogs, I follow them over on bloglovin' and read them on the bus, in lectures (naughty) and before bed using the iPhone app.
  19.  Do you read comments posted on blogs? If this means comments on my blog, then I read and reply to every single one, but if it means comments on other people's posts then only a few.. Just to see what other people think of the product/ post.
  20. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs? This always shocks everyone I tell, but I have used an iPhone 4s for ever picture on this blog. I recently had my phone stolen, but my friend L is kind enough to let me borrow hers when I need to photograph products.
I hope you've enjoyed reading this tag and getting to know me a bit more.. I tag all of you reading this and if you fancy doing it too, leave me a link to your post and I will check them out!


  1. Ah this was a really nice read :) I'm the same about going to bed though - I just physically cannot lie in bed!! I don't know why but as soon as I wake up that's it I have to get up!

    1. Hey I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I know, I've had a cold for the last few days but haven't even been able to sleep in! I really like your blog btw - I'm a new follower :) xxx

  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa