Me and my friend L have embarked on the mother of all spending bans; a six month embargo on clothes, shoes and bags. As you can see, my wardrobe is fit to burst, and there is more.. I have under-bed storage, a shoe shelf, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe in another room all crammed with clothes and accessories. And this is after my ruthless clearout! I rarely wear the same thing twice, and whilst that sounds fantastic I am actually sick of getting stressed out about what to wear incase I've worn it before. My friends all laugh at me when I complain that I have no clothes, and when I say "I can't wear that, I just wore it (two months ago)" It is definitely time for a change.

So far I haven't bought any new clothes since I've been back from America, so about a month now. At first it seemed easy, with nothing in the shops catching in my eye.. but now, with off shoulder topsswishy sundresses and summer boots, it's proving increasingly more difficult to stay away. I'm trying to focus on the positives.. The money I will be able to save up is a massive incentive, but I'm also thinking about the headphones, books and beauty bits that I've wanted for ages and will finally be able to afford to buy.

Have you guys ever been on a spending ban? Did you stick to it?


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