I wore this outfit last week for a little stroll through my local town and then on to the cinema and dinner. These black jeggings are from America, but you can find similar here and here, and my top is also from America but you can find similar here. My mac is from New Look but I must have had it for 2/3 years now! My bag is from Zara; I know lots of bloggers have t
he yellow one but I just couldn't resist the bold green version. It doesn't seem to be available online anymore, but the blue version is currently in the sale for a mere £9.99! 

I've been on a clothes spending ban recently; I'll be doing a post about that soon, but you won't be seeing any new clothes in my ootd's anytime soon.

So what do you guys think? Do you prefer fashion posts to only feature new clothes, or do you not think it matters?

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  1. You are looking so beautiful in this black and white color designer outfit.