I picked up these two lipsticks and lipliners from MAC a good few months ago now, maybe around February/ March time, snapped away at my new products, popped them in my make-up bag and promptly forgot to put them up on the blog. It’s safe to say that I have been using these four regularly and now that they are fairly close to running out I will give you my thoughts.

First up, the lipliners:

I originally went in looking to repurchase 'Whirl', but as it was out of stock, the lady recommended Dervish, which I find to be slightly pinker than Whirl. I like to fill in my whole lip with lipliner before applying lipstick, to add some staying power but Dervish is creamy enough to stand up on its own. I wanted something neutral enough to go under many lipsticks and I actually prefer Whirl, which is a my-lips-but-better sort of colour. However, like most MAC lipliners the formula cannot be faulted and I imagine this would look great worn alone if you have a lighter skintone.

Brick is described by MAC as an "intense golden red" and works really well under most red lipsticks. As it's a deep, dark red, it gives a little more intensity to bright tomato reds, which don’t seem to suit my skin tone so well. Again I like to apply this all over my lips before applying lipstick, but it's velvety enough to wear alone.

And the lipsticks:

Plumful is a lipstick I had been lusting after for a while before purchasing, and I have to say I haven’t used it as much as some of the other products in this post. It is a lustre finish lipstick, which is of my all time favourite finishes; it's definitely the most wearable. Like other lustre's, Plumful is more like a balm or light gloss, and doesn't dry lips out. It's easy to wear and easy to reapply, even without a mirror. However, this comes up much more pale purple toned than I imagined it to be, and I find it's not as pigmented as some of the other lustre finishes, even when it's built up. 

Brick-O-La is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks, and definitely one for the 'repurchase' list. It is an Amplified Creme formula so really opaque and creamy. I usually find that this finish only works well if my lips are in good condition, otherwise it goes on a little patchy, however this lipstick seems to be the exception. I tend to have to apply Amplified Creme's with a lip brush to ensure a perfect finish, but Brick-O-La goes on really well straight from the bullet. MAC describe this shade as a "mid-tone berry"; it is more pinky than it looks in the bullet, with terracotta red undertones, but it's certainly not not the dark brick red you might be expecting from the name. I would say that Brick-O-La is the perfect day time red.. sometimes a bright bold lip can be a bit much for the day, but this muted red gives a lovely pop of colour without being too 'out-there'.

So there we have it, my last few MAC purchases. I wanted to treat myself to some summer lip brights, but as I'm short of cash it will have to wait until September. Next up on my wishlist is Costa Chic, a pretty coral and Modesty, a blushing nude. What lip products are you guys lusting after right now?


  1. These colours are beautiful!

    Zofia xo

  2. Are you wearing a lip pencil with the brick o la lipstick in the picture in this post? If you are, is it the brick liner? Do you just wear the lipstick by itself? It looks so pretty in the picture above!

    1. I was just wearing the lipstick by itself.. It is such a pretty and wearable colour x