One of my favourite heat defence sprays, the L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume is available in 3 versions - straight, wavy, and volume. I picked up volume, as I always do when it comes to any haircare product, and this product is now a regular in my haircare routine.

I have short hair and if I do use too many different products it can get greasy fairly quickly. Heat protectant is an absolute must if I'm going to use any styling tools or even blow dry it, and anything that adds more volume is great. As a multi-use product this is perfect if you don't want to overload your hair.

I spray this onto damp hair before using my tangle teezer to distribute the product evenly. I then dry my hair quite roughly, flipping it over and so on, until it's about 80% dry. I then section my hair off and blow dry it straight. It adds volume and body, and leaves my hair looking lifted the next day. Usually when I straighten my hair, it looks considerably flatter the next day, but not after I've used this spray. I wash my hair every other day, so I can't really comment on the '3 day' aspect. However, it is also a good heat protector; I haven't noticed any split ends and my hair doesn't feel dried out all. 

If you're looking for just a heat protector there are brands which provide better value for money, but the lasting volume aspect makes this worth every penny for me.

Has anyone tried any other multi-use hair care products recently?


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