1. New Look Playsuit
2. Vila Floral Skinny Jean in Novelle Peach
3. Cambridge Satchel in CoralFluro
4. Ombre Ombre Black and Peach t-shirt
5. Mavala Milky

From pale nudey pink to bright fluro coral, peachy tones are my go-to colour for summer. The New Look playsuit has sweet little blue birds on it, and floral jeans look so pretty at this time of year. Ombre Ombre is a brand I discovered whilst browsing on instagram, and I need to order this t-shirt before my holiday! With printed trousers it'd be perfect for laid-back chic on the plane. Mavala is a brand I've been meaning to try for a while and nothing screams summer more than bright coral nails. As for the Cambridge Satchel, there are only two words: I Wish.

Just a little note to say I'm going to the Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale in Spinningfields on Saturday. Everything is basically in giant bins, and you have to rummage through. You pay £15 per kilo of clothes that you buy, and I've known people to pick up 4-5 vintage items for £15.. Incredible! I've been to many vintage fairs, but nothing quite like this, so it should be really interesting. I've also been asked to take part in a blogger styling challenge, so expect some photo's and notes up on my blog after the weekend. If anyone's in Manchester tomorrow then make sure to check it out! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


  1. There's a brilliant kilo shop in the Le Marais area of Paris. I love rummaging through everything! Love your blog - now following :)

    What Would Audrey Wear?

    1. Hey Jodie, thanks for the follow.. I'm glad your enjoying my blog. Going to head on over and check yours out now :) x