My cousins, aunt and grandma and I all swear by The Body Shop's Vitamin E Range. It's the 'family secret to youthful skin'. The product I always repurchase is the Vitamin E SPF Moisture Lotion. I don't actively buy products containing SPF (naughty, naughty) as I have dark skin, which tans easily and never burns. I rarely apply sun cream on holiday, let alone in England, but I know that it's essential for youthful skin. So to have a moisturiser that contains SPF 15 as well as UVA/ UVB protection is ideal for lazy people like me.

The moisturiser is perfect for sensitive skin, as it's light and not too heavily fragranced. You only need a little bit to cover your face and neck, and it absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth and looking dewy fresh. It doesn't cause me to break out or react in any way, but after continuous use it does even out skin tone and smooth the surface.

I bought the Vitamin E Eye Cream after getting little dry patches around my eyes, and in a bid to improve my skincare routine. It has the same light smell and feel, drys to a non-greasy finish quickly, and comes with a tapered end. This means that one gentle squeeze dispenses the right amount of product, making it preferable over a jar. It sorted out my dry skin, and reduced puffiness around my eyes when I use it in the morning.

These aren't anti-ageing products as such, and at 20 years old I don't believe I really need them. However, they do keep skin soft, hydrated and breakout-free. Vitamin E is gentle and calms the skin, making it ideal for those who suffer from sensitivity or breakouts.

There are over 20 products in the range, and at affordable prices with great results, I recommend you give these two a try. I've used the Hand & Nail cream in the past, and whilst it is good, at £8 it's a little pricey for a hand lotion. I want to try out the facial oil and the serum.. Has anyone tried any other products from this range?


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