Some of you might have seen my post on the The Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale that I went to on Saturday. I said that I would post about what I bought separately as yesterday's post was already picture heavy. Each item of clothing worked out to about £3 each.  So here is what I picked up..

Both of these dresses are a little too long, but I'll shorten them on my sewing machine when I go home for summer. 

This horse-print playsuit is actually from Primark, so not technically 'vintage', but it's in near-perfect condition and even has the spare buttons.
The sale was full of checked shirts! My friend L picked up three, as well as two stripy shirts and I bought this pretty purple and blue toned checked shirt. I also got a black pleated midi skirt, that's perfect for the unpredictable Manchester weather.
All the jewellery was priced individually.. The rings were £8 for the big blue sparkler, £3 for the pearl, and £6 for the pretty little clock mood ring, which I hope you can just about see.
These enamel hair clips and combs were £4 for a set of two. I remember my mum having some of these when I was younger, so I thought I'd pick some up for her.
Both the pearl necklace and the mixed metal rope necklace were £4. They also had more expensive items such as real pearl necklaces from £20, but I tend to just stick to buying costume jewellery when I go to sales and fairs.

So there we have it.. At £3 per item and some inexpensive jewellery to boot, I will definitely be heading back to a kilo sale if I get the chance.

What do you think? Will you be checking these types of sales out?


  1. Wow those dresses are super nice!
    And I am in love with all the jewellery!
    I want it :)
    I will definitely be checking out a sale like this.

  2. It was a really good sale, very tiring but worth it for the bargains! xx