Probably one of the prettiest oils I've ever seen, the Ojon Rare Blend Oil is a product I've been lusting after for months. At £29 for a 45ml bottle, it doesn't come cheap; and when the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is so good, why would I bother? But taking advantage of some Ojon Offers I bit the bullet and purchased it. And oh boy I was not disappointed

Applied to damp hair pre-styling this oil protects against heat damage and reduces frizz, and when applied to the ends of dry hair, it smooths down flyaways and enhances shine. Containing seven natural oils, including the Ojon oil, this works to really hydrate hair, leaving it shiny and smooth. After using it for a few weeks, it really has nourished my hair, making it soft and easy to manage even on days when I haven't used the oil.

It's a little bit difficult to dispense as it has no pump, but covering the opening with your fingers and shaking works well. You don't need a lot of this oil to get silky smooth hair, just a few drops I'd say, unlike the Moroccan Oil, which only works if I use several pumps. 

This stunning three part oil (Amber, Crystal & Red makes it look like a rocket lolly) blends out to a rosy peach when shaken; it looks amazing on my dressing table, and works wonders on my hair.. Is it worth the money? Probably not. There are great hair oils out there for much cheaper. But it's so very pretty. 

Has anyone else bought the Rare Blend Oil?  After trying this product, I'm so tempted to buy the new Rare Blend Deep Conditioner.


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