One of my favourite heat defence sprays, the L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume is available in 3 versions - straight, wavy, and volume. I picked up volume, as I always do when it comes to any haircare product, and this product is now a regular in my haircare routine.

I have short hair and if I do use too many different products it can get greasy fairly quickly. Heat protectant is an absolute must if I'm going to use any styling tools or even blow dry it, and anything that adds more volume is great. As a multi-use product this is perfect if you don't want to overload your hair.

I spray this onto damp hair before using my tangle teezer to distribute the product evenly. I then dry my hair quite roughly, flipping it over and so on, until it's about 80% dry. I then section my hair off and blow dry it straight. It adds volume and body, and leaves my hair looking lifted the next day. Usually when I straighten my hair, it looks considerably flatter the next day, but not after I've used this spray. I wash my hair every other day, so I can't really comment on the '3 day' aspect. However, it is also a good heat protector; I haven't noticed any split ends and my hair doesn't feel dried out all. 

If you're looking for just a heat protector there are brands which provide better value for money, but the lasting volume aspect makes this worth every penny for me.

Has anyone tried any other multi-use hair care products recently?


Republic dress | Glamorous denim jacket (Old - similar here)
Forever 21 sunglasses | Topshop socks
Mango boots (Old - similar here) | Clocket - Camden (similar here)
Primark bag
So I've finally done my first ever OOTD post - these snaps were taken on Saturday when I went to the Vintage Kilo Sale. I've been putting off doing these posts as I've put on a bit of weight recently and I'm not that happy with my body. But, I was wandering around Spinningfields and the weather was beautiful so I thought I'd share my outfit with you.

The dress was an absolute steal at £10.. I can't seem to find it online, but do pop into Republic as the sale is really good right now. The Primark bag was a little post-exam treat, and they had a black version and a matching wallet too. I'm not sure what the mark is on the front; I'm a bit disappointed, as I've only worn it a few times, but at £8 I could always get another. I love wearing clock lockets (or clockets, as I call them) and this one is my favourite.

I hope everyone enjoyed the lovely bank holiday weather!


Some of you might have seen my post on the The Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale that I went to on Saturday. I said that I would post about what I bought separately as yesterday's post was already picture heavy. Each item of clothing worked out to about £3 each.  So here is what I picked up..

Both of these dresses are a little too long, but I'll shorten them on my sewing machine when I go home for summer. 

This horse-print playsuit is actually from Primark, so not technically 'vintage', but it's in near-perfect condition and even has the spare buttons.
The sale was full of checked shirts! My friend L picked up three, as well as two stripy shirts and I bought this pretty purple and blue toned checked shirt. I also got a black pleated midi skirt, that's perfect for the unpredictable Manchester weather.
All the jewellery was priced individually.. The rings were £8 for the big blue sparkler, £3 for the pearl, and £6 for the pretty little clock mood ring, which I hope you can just about see.
These enamel hair clips and combs were £4 for a set of two. I remember my mum having some of these when I was younger, so I thought I'd pick some up for her.
Both the pearl necklace and the mixed metal rope necklace were £4. They also had more expensive items such as real pearl necklaces from £20, but I tend to just stick to buying costume jewellery when I go to sales and fairs.

So there we have it.. At £3 per item and some inexpensive jewellery to boot, I will definitely be heading back to a kilo sale if I get the chance.

What do you think? Will you be checking these types of sales out?


Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend Manchester's Vintage Kilo Sale as a blogger. This meant I was lucky enough to be let in early with traders other bloggers (Georgie of Sequins and Beads and Emma of Purpleee Rose) to have a good rummage through over ten bins and a giant rail of clothes.

Early access - bloggers and trade.

What I tried on.
I tried a few bits and bobs on over my dress, before realising there was a changing room upstairs.

Little details. 
Whilst there were some true gems in there, one bin seemed to be full of Halloween jumpers.

The jewellery section - Victoria Vintage Ltd
The jewellery section was wonderful - anyone who knows me knows that I am a magpie and can't help but hoard all things gold and  shiny. I ended up spending more on jewellery than me my friend L did on clothes.

Time to bring back scrunchies and headbands!
Me and L larking round and trying on pink polka dot headbands.

After the general public were allowed in at 11am.
At 11am the general public was allowed in and it got incredibly busy.. the line went all the way through the museum foyer and almost out of the door. It made it really hard to rummage through the bins as there were 5/6 people clustered round each one.. If you don't mind getting pushed around a little in order to have a good rummage then this event would be perfect for you. However, we'd been out the night before and coping with the crowds on less than five hours sleep just isn't nice. We took our stuff up to the changing room (which could do with a few more mirrors) and edited our two bags down to one. 

What I bought.
We got our items weighed and for 2.5 kilos we paid £35. We got 11 items, so each item worked out to just over £3 - what a fantastic bargain. I'll do a separate post on what I bought later this week as this post is already extremely picture heavy. Overall, it was a really good experience and if you're into carboot sales and vintage shopping then I would say give it a go.

Has anyone else ever been to a kilo sale? What sort of bargains did you pick up?


1. New Look Playsuit
2. Vila Floral Skinny Jean in Novelle Peach
3. Cambridge Satchel in CoralFluro
4. Ombre Ombre Black and Peach t-shirt
5. Mavala Milky

From pale nudey pink to bright fluro coral, peachy tones are my go-to colour for summer. The New Look playsuit has sweet little blue birds on it, and floral jeans look so pretty at this time of year. Ombre Ombre is a brand I discovered whilst browsing on instagram, and I need to order this t-shirt before my holiday! With printed trousers it'd be perfect for laid-back chic on the plane. Mavala is a brand I've been meaning to try for a while and nothing screams summer more than bright coral nails. As for the Cambridge Satchel, there are only two words: I Wish.

Just a little note to say I'm going to the Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale in Spinningfields on Saturday. Everything is basically in giant bins, and you have to rummage through. You pay £15 per kilo of clothes that you buy, and I've known people to pick up 4-5 vintage items for £15.. Incredible! I've been to many vintage fairs, but nothing quite like this, so it should be really interesting. I've also been asked to take part in a blogger styling challenge, so expect some photo's and notes up on my blog after the weekend. If anyone's in Manchester tomorrow then make sure to check it out! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


My cousins, aunt and grandma and I all swear by The Body Shop's Vitamin E Range. It's the 'family secret to youthful skin'. The product I always repurchase is the Vitamin E SPF Moisture Lotion. I don't actively buy products containing SPF (naughty, naughty) as I have dark skin, which tans easily and never burns. I rarely apply sun cream on holiday, let alone in England, but I know that it's essential for youthful skin. So to have a moisturiser that contains SPF 15 as well as UVA/ UVB protection is ideal for lazy people like me.

The moisturiser is perfect for sensitive skin, as it's light and not too heavily fragranced. You only need a little bit to cover your face and neck, and it absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth and looking dewy fresh. It doesn't cause me to break out or react in any way, but after continuous use it does even out skin tone and smooth the surface.

I bought the Vitamin E Eye Cream after getting little dry patches around my eyes, and in a bid to improve my skincare routine. It has the same light smell and feel, drys to a non-greasy finish quickly, and comes with a tapered end. This means that one gentle squeeze dispenses the right amount of product, making it preferable over a jar. It sorted out my dry skin, and reduced puffiness around my eyes when I use it in the morning.

These aren't anti-ageing products as such, and at 20 years old I don't believe I really need them. However, they do keep skin soft, hydrated and breakout-free. Vitamin E is gentle and calms the skin, making it ideal for those who suffer from sensitivity or breakouts.

There are over 20 products in the range, and at affordable prices with great results, I recommend you give these two a try. I've used the Hand & Nail cream in the past, and whilst it is good, at £8 it's a little pricey for a hand lotion. I want to try out the facial oil and the serum.. Has anyone tried any other products from this range?


Probably one of the prettiest oils I've ever seen, the Ojon Rare Blend Oil is a product I've been lusting after for months. At £29 for a 45ml bottle, it doesn't come cheap; and when the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is so good, why would I bother? But taking advantage of some Ojon Offers I bit the bullet and purchased it. And oh boy I was not disappointed

Applied to damp hair pre-styling this oil protects against heat damage and reduces frizz, and when applied to the ends of dry hair, it smooths down flyaways and enhances shine. Containing seven natural oils, including the Ojon oil, this works to really hydrate hair, leaving it shiny and smooth. After using it for a few weeks, it really has nourished my hair, making it soft and easy to manage even on days when I haven't used the oil.

It's a little bit difficult to dispense as it has no pump, but covering the opening with your fingers and shaking works well. You don't need a lot of this oil to get silky smooth hair, just a few drops I'd say, unlike the Moroccan Oil, which only works if I use several pumps. 

This stunning three part oil (Amber, Crystal & Red makes it look like a rocket lolly) blends out to a rosy peach when shaken; it looks amazing on my dressing table, and works wonders on my hair.. Is it worth the money? Probably not. There are great hair oils out there for much cheaper. But it's so very pretty. 

Has anyone else bought the Rare Blend Oil?  After trying this product, I'm so tempted to buy the new Rare Blend Deep Conditioner.


I recently got an email from Superdrug stating that I had to use the points I'd collected on my beautycard before they expire at the end of the month. Combine that with 3 for 2 offers and student discount and you get a major drugstore beauty haul..

I picked up a few Barry M Gellys' - a nail polish formulation that I can't get enough of - and an essential: Max Factor waterproof mascara. I also found some beautiful new Revlon Lip Butter colours, which don't have too much glitter (like some of the old ones) as well as a balm stain. The new MUA palette 'Undress Me Too' is filled with more neutrals and shimmering gold's, and makes a nice addition to my favourite 'Heaven and Earth' palette. The L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique range is something I've had my eye on for a little while, and will definitely be reviewing these soon.

When I got to the checkout, I found out that beautycard points don't actually expire, but I wasn't putting any of these goodies back! The best thing to do if you get a similar email is contact customer services.. The 3 for 2 offer is still going across all cosmetics and lashes.. so will anyone else be haulin'?


1. A-Wear Print Maxi Dress
2. Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie
3. Accessorize Clutch
4. Ted Baker Cape
5. Essie Nail Polish in Midnight Cami
6. Monica Vinader Bracelet
7. Urban Decay NAKED Palette
8. Topshop Whippie Wedges

Hey everyone.. just a quick post today to showcase my ideal summer evening outfit. It's kind of sad that the only things I have been posting recently are the Weekly Want's, but my exams end in two weeks and hopefully normal blogging can resume after that.

I've been given some great advice on balancing work and blogging by Jess who is a fellow law student and blogger in Manchester. Hopefully this will help me a lot in my second year of university.

Is anyone else finding it difficult to balance work with life?


1. Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment
2. Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner
3. Barry M Gelly in Grapefruit
4. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser
5. Vita Coco Coconut Water
6. Caudalie Lip Conditioner
7. Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask
8. Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub
9. Perfectil Perfect Skin and Nails
10. Moroccanoil
11. This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle
12. Sanctuary Body Scrub

The warm weather over the last week has taken me by surprise and I was melting in jeans because the world wasn't ready to see my legs.. My wishlist this week consists of repurchases and things I have to try to get my skin in tip top condition for summer.

For my face I'm going to try the Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask as getting skin summer ready is all about injecting moisture. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser is a product I always repurchase; it's a purse-friendly, moisturiser that leaves skin soft and dewy. For my lips I've been meaning to try the Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub and the Caudalie Lip Conditioner after hearing good reviews on etcllymlrs and Gemsmaquillage.

For my body and legs I love this Sanctuary Body Scrub and Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner.. they are such highstreet gems. This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle is something I've seen rave reviews for and can't wait to try out! For my hair I've just bought the Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment and I need to repurchase the Moroccanoil to keep the ends shiny and smooth.

Not strictly skincare, but with regards to summer nails I can't think of a better colour than Barry M Gelly in Grapefruit, but the whole gelly range is perfect and I can't wait to get my hands on the new colours. And because we all know that true beauty comes from the inside I'm planning to start taking Perfectil Perfect Skin and Nails and up my intake of Vita Coco Coconut Water (which is actually just on here because I love it!)

Apologies for the delay in posting this.. I've had food poisoning for a few days, so have just been laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. On the plus side I got a few books read, so it was nice to take some time out and chill. However, I'm now behind on my revision schedule.. I have exams in two weeks, so I may be blogging less frequently. Follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date when I do post. I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend in the sun!


Student loans are in and the weather is getting warmer.. The only sensible thing to do after a hard day at uni is take a trip to the Trafford Centre and treat ourselves.

For those of you who don't know, the Trafford Centre is a huge shopping centre and leisure complex just outside Manchester city centre; I think it's the second largest in the UK. There are almost 300 stores, including an amazing Selfridges, and over 40 places to eat.

 absolutely love it there, it's so easy and cheap to get a bus from Piccadilly Gardens in the centre of Manchester (250/ X50) and you wind up right outside the Selfridges entrance.

The one thing I would say is go on a week day; on Saturday's and Sunday's you can hardly move without being hit by people and shopping bags. It's a lot more relaxed during the week, but does tend to get busier in the evenings.

After a full day of shopping, we ate and drank at Las Iguanas. To drink we had Iguana Cosmo's and Strawberry Red's (pictured) as well as Mango Collins' and Mojitos. It was happy hour so it worked out fairly cheap. 

For starters we had brie and mango empanadas (top left), nachos (bottom right), potatos bravas and barbecue chicken wings. All the starters were lovely. I didn't personally like my main, but the girls I was with had Burritos and a burger and they both enjoyed theirs. We skipped dessert but ended with some tequila (bottom left). It wasn't expensive.. we had three/four drinks each and two courses and the bill came to £30 per head. Overall I'd really recommend it.

Now on to the shopping. First stop for me is always Forever 21, as there isn't one inside the city. What I bought:
Pink stone necklace: £5.65 | Leopard Ring: £4.90 | Black white bracelet: £7.40 | Black and gold earrings: £3.15 | Gold diamond shaped necklace: £1.65 | Mint necklace: £4.90

I love Forever 21 jewellery, it's so affordable and pretty good quality. Most of what I bought can be found online here.

The pink and gold 'diva' bracelet is actually from Miss Selfridge and was £10 down to £4.50 (sale + student discount).

I also got this amazing hat from Forever 21.. It was only £8.90. I'd posted about a similar straw hat in my Weekly Want and this is just perfect to take on holiday with me.

Now I remember going in to the shops when the spring/summer trends hit and thinking 'oh I wish they had less black and white stuff and more colour'.. Now when the shops are bursting with colour I've only bought monochrome items. The Primark alphabet shirt (pictured above) was £12.. The only Primark in the Trafford Centre is a Selfridges concessions, but it does have some nice stuff in there. 

The black and white aztec dress on the left was £12, also from Forever 21 and the Polka dot pinafore was from Miss Selfridge.. it was £37 down to £18 (sale + student discount). The lace print dress on the right was from Dorothy Perkins. It was £18 down to £10.80 (sale + student discount). 

Apologies about the picture quality of the clothes I bought.. It's really hard to get good photographs in my tiny, dark uni room. I'm living in a house next year, and the room I have my eyes on would be great for outfit photos as it's bursting with natural light. Does anyone have any tips for getting better photos?


Nivea Oil Shower Gels £2.49
Anyone who knows me will know that I am obsessed with oils. Hair oils. Facial Oil. Cuticle Oil. Shower Oil. I'll take it all. These shower gels with oil from Nivea are the newest additions to my collection. They don't claim to be anything special, or do anything much for your skin, but I find that they leave my skin feeling really fresh and hydrated after my shower. All three smell fantastic, lather up really well and the droplets of oil suspended in the gel release moisture to leave skin feeling soft. For £2.49 they're a really good bargain.. They are currently half price in Boots so get them quick!

I've been really busy this week, so actually haven't had a chance to blog since Monday. I have exams in two weeks, so whilst I am trying to blog regularly, revision is taking over a bit. Follow me on Instagram for updates during the week. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend :)