Brunch has to be the perfect meal for a lazy weekend. On Sunday morning I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed, let alone cook.. So after hearing some good reviews I decided to try Teacup, and I wasn't disappointed. A friend and I got there at about half eleven and it was absolutely packed, but we were seated almost immediately. A lovely lady explained the different menus really well. The service was friendly and fast, and the atmosphere is lovely. The brown and red decor is accented by pretty china and bright teapots.

The drinks menu is fantastic; teacup has a whole menu devoted to loose Earl Grey: 50 shades of Earl Grey. I went for the Blue Sky Earl Grey which has grapefruit in. The staff bring around more hot water, so you can get more tea for your money. I also had an Aretha Franklin smoothie, which was apple, raspberry mango and banana.

They serve eggs all day, which is fantastic.. I had eggs Benedict, which is what I always opt for when it's on any menu. It was one of the best versions I've ever tried, served with ham, capers and wholegrain mustard. My friend had mushrooms, avocados and a duck egg on sourdough toast, which was on the specials menu, and was equally delicious.

After digesting our food a little, it was half one, and we decided it was a perfect moment for cake.. I had the pear drop cake, and my friend had the rainbow cake, which were both lovely, and served in such big portions that we couldn't finish them. The hot chocolate was also good.. served in a nice big cup and really rich and creamy.

I'm definitely going to be heading here regularly.. So if you're wandering around Manchester's Northern Quarter I really recommend Teacup as the place to eat and drink!

I haven't actually had a chance to have a look, but I know that teacup shares recipes and offers on it's app Casual Manna. Has anyone else been to Teacup?


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