Welcome to the first ever post of How I Wear.. My name is Nisha, and I've decided to set up my own style and beauty blog. I'm a first year Law undergraduate and I've decided to start blogging as a little creative outlet from my purely academic degree subject. I want to post about relatable, everyday fashion and beauty products. I've been inspired by so many bloggers and I'd hopefully like to inspire other people some day. 
You can get to know me a bit more in my about me page, but here are ten random facts:
  • Hogwarts is my home.
  • I have a big addiction to style, beauty and lifestyle blogs and also watching haul videos on YouTube.
  • Ladybirds terrify me.
  • I don't really like my teeth. The first thing I notice about people is their teeth, and sometimes if people have really straight, white teeth I can't stop staring at them.
  • I prefer nice dinners or nights in than nights out.. does that make me a bad student?
  • I dye my hair and sometimes cut my fringe at home. Probably terribly, but oh well..
  • I love putting on freshly laundered clothes straight from the dryer because they are warm.
  • Salted popcorn is better if I'm watching a movie, and I eat sweet if I'm just snacking.
  • I'm an only child.. I spend a lot of time by myself, and I don't mind it. I very rarely feel alone.
  • I like socks. A lot.
So introductions over, in the next couple of weeks I am planning haul posts, beauty product reviews and outfit posts. I hope you stick around and enjoy reading HIW..


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