These jumpers and greeny-grey leather gloves from H&M were Christmas presents from my parents.. I can't find any links, but H&M do have some lovely jumpers online and instore. The grey patterned one is particularly soft and cosy and I'm really happy with my parents choices. My spending ban doesn't end until tomorrow, so I haven't been to the sales yet, but come January 1st, I spy some hungover sales shopping!

Happy New Year everyone!


Over the past few weeks I've been up to all sorts of festive treats: Winter Wonderland, trips to Manchester and Birmingham Christmas Markets and some festive baking too! I had good intentions of posting about these straight away, but Christmas is a time for spending with family and friends and what with revision too, I've just been too busy. It's such a shame that most students have exams right after Christmas, and when I'm taking a break from revision the last thing I want to be doing is going back to my laptop to write a post. So you probably won't hear from me until the New Year, but I hope everyone has a lovely holiday - and gets everything they asked for from Santa! I'll leave you with a few pictures of what I've been up to this December.. 





Merry Christmas!


I already have quite naturally full lips, but for nights out or when I really want to make my lips pop, I use a lip plumper. I've always used the Soap & Glory product after lipliner, then I wait for it to work and lose a little tackiness before applying lipstick. I used to be a huge fan of Dior lipgloss, so when I saw their Lip Maximiser I hoped it would be just as good.

However, the Dior gloss didn't tingle or make any difference to my lips at all.. I don't know if it's because my lips are quite full anyway, but I know I definitely won't be repurchasing. It is considerably less sticky than the Soap & Glory one, so it works well used as a gloss over a matte lip colour, but it's not worth the hefty price tag.

With the Soap & Glory version you can feel it working as soon as you apply it. Your lips really start to tingle, which may be uncomfortable for some people, but they look very full and plumped up after, without it being unnatural. It's really sticky, so you may want to wait for it to dry out before applying lipstick, but it's a fantastic product, at a great price - especially with 3 for 2 at Boots.

Verdict: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

Does anyone else use a lip plumper to achieve a perfect pout?


Happy December everyone! Today I thought I'd show you how I've decorated my room and house at university on a student budget.. Most of the items I picked up are from Poundland or ASDA, and nothing cost me more than £2. I can't link to every single item as some are from last year, but just have a look round the shops and Christmas Markets, and don't forget that fairy lights and some heart or star shaped decorations can be used all year round. You don't have to spend a fortune to get that festive feeling.

 Christmas sign, wreath & Merry Christmas sign - Poundland | Gingerbread House Kit - ASDA

Merry Christmas gold banner - £1 ASDA | White heart door wreath - Poundland | Heart pegs to hang my Christmas cards on (and photos in the New Year) - £2 ASDA | Gold tree - Poundland

 A sparkly jacket or dress can be a striking wall feature | Gold tree - 6 for £1 Poundland

NOEL sign, window stickers, red reindeer & candles - Poundland | Fairy lights look pretty all year round - £1.50 Primark

 Yankee Christmas Eve Candle £8 | Red reindeer - £1 for 3 Poundland

 Christmas tree - £10 ASDA | Angels & bells - Christmas markets | Snowflakes & reindeers - ASDA

Have you decorated your room yet? Will you be looking around for cheap decorations - or perhaps making your own? Let me know what you decide to do.


Cashmere glow was one of the fragrances I loved on my first trip to Bath & Body Works over the summer. For those of you who don't know, Bath & Body Works is essentially the US version of The Body Shop. They don't actually ship to the UK, but if you're heading to the States, or any of these countries then make sure you check it out.

I picked up a number of products, but the lotion and the shower gel are particularly heavenly. Used together they leave skin feeling smooth, with a subtle scent that lingers all day. They also sell soaps, candles, skincare and fragrances, and the reasonable price range means they make perfect Christmas gifts.

Have you been to Bath & Body Works? Which product range did you like best?


I've just repurchased the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser and I thought it was time it should get a mention on HIW.. A thick, creamy lotion that you apply after shower gel; think of shower gel as shampoo and this as conditioner for the body. I apply all over, leave for a few minutes and rinse off. Enriched with almond oil, my skin is left feeling silky smooth, but I usually moisturise extra dry areas anyway. Using this means I don't need to moisturise my whole body every day, just specific dry areas (elbows, knees and lower legs).  It's perfect for the colder months when you want to great straight into cosy clothes after a shower, and not hang around waiting for a rich moisturiser to dry. The scent isn't overly powerful, just the standard nivea smell, and for £3.50 it's an inexpensive step to speeding up dull process - what's not to love?

Have you tried this? Do you need to moisturise every day in winter?


I just thought I'd do a little catch up post.. the last two weeks have been deadline central for me, all aided by the flu of course so blogging has taken a bit of a backseat (again!) It's been really hard not having time to post, especially when I have a ton of new products I've been testing and wanting to share with you guys.

Recently I've been loving some drugstore skincare gems:  Super Facialist Vitamin C Glow Boost Skin Serum, Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser and Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask. On Monday I did an interview on Jess' blog.. You can see it here. I'm planning a big trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets next week, so expect a post on that too.. But first of all this is what I've been up to recently:

I marshalled a Judge this week, which meant finding clothes appropriate for court, but still fashionable enough as I don't really like wearing stuffy suits | I also came home one day to find flowers from someone special | Pizza express never fails to disappoint.

 Cocktails & Candles in the Northern Quarter | Date Night at Mughli | A trip to Manchester Museum

Since my first Gingerbread Latte last Friday I think I've had one almost every day | Wrapped up for the Christmas Light Switch On | First Mince Pie | MCR Santa

I also switched up my blog design a little bit; what do you think? I didn't want to go for an all white background, but I thought the transparency was something different. I want to change the colour scheme too, especially the green social media buttons.. doing it the first time round was so hard, I know I'm going to put off having to do it again! Let me know if you like the new design in the comments below..


I saw this tag over on Amie's blog, and I thought it would be a nice one to do as a change from my usual beauty posts. I love reading posts like this as I love to learn more about the person behind the blog.. so here goes.

  1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight? Wavy. And frizzy. I always wish I had properly curly hair, as mine only curls underneath and the top layer just frizzes up.
  2. Do you dye your hair yourself or go to a salon? I don't dye my hair very often but when I do I do it at home using John Frieda foam colour. My hair is really dark brown, so dying it gives more of a hint of colour rather than a drastic change. I alternate between the shades: Dark red brown, medium red brown and medium chocolate brown, depending on whether I fancy a red tint or not.
  3. Do your wear the same style everyday or do you change it? My hair is cut into a long bob, which requires a lot more styling than when I had long hair. I find that short hair is really easy to play around with so I do little things, such as pinning half up, or plaiting the front section. For uni I mostly just wear my hair down, either straight or in it's natural state. I have a full fringe but often push it over to the side or clip it back; sometimes I french braid my hair and sometimes I twist it into a tiny bun.
  4. Do you do your own manicures and pedicures or do you go to a salon? I do my nails and toenails myself; student budgets just don't stretch to salon visits, but I would definitely get them done for a special occasion such as my 21st next year!
  5. How often do you change your nail polish? I'm really lazy when it comes to taking off chipped nail polish, so I like to wear nude shades during the week. I'll paint my nails with brighter colours if I'm going out, but usually swap back to nude within a day or two.
  6. Do you paint your toes in the winter or just the summer? I always have painted toenails as I think my feet look weird without them. I love bright corals, pinks and oranges for the summer and deep reds and navys for wintertime.
  7. Do you plan your outfit the night before or just decide when getting dressed? I have ideas in my head of what I want to wear for special occasions, but I always plan a few outfits because I always change my mind. My outfit completely depends on my mood, and also with the crazy Manchester weather you never know what to wear tomorrow.
  8. How often do your change your handbag? Hardly ever, I have two bags from Zara.. One big one for all my uni things and then a small everyday, popping to town kinda bag. I usually take a clutch on a night out so sometimes I change that up, but my everyday bags stay the same until I fancy a new bag.
  9. How long does it take you to put on your makeup? Ten minutes for a natural, every day face, but at least half an hour, maybe more for a night out.
  10. What do you do first? Face or eyes? Every grwm video shows bloggers doing their base first.. all my friends and cousins do it first too but I prefer to do foundation after my eye make up, particularly when I'm building up a strong smokey eye, so that I can tidy away any fall out from my eyeshadow.

  11.  Do you collect makeup or just buy it when you need it? I wouldn't say that I collect makeup, I use everything I buy but I suppose I do buy nail polish and lipstick when I like colours rather than because I've run out. I also buy things like concealer or mascara on 3 for 2 so I always have backups in the house.
  12. How often do your wear false lashes? I always buy some for things like halloween and fancy dress parties but I always try and apply them on the night and I fail. I really should practice before I want to use them.
  13. Do you wear a full face of makeup everyday? Nope, most days I only have an hour or two in uni, so I just wear concealer, bb cream, mascara over curled lashes and lipstick/ tinted lip balm.
  14. Will you leave the house without makeup? Yes if I'm just popping to the shops/ gym, but for anything else I at least need concealer and a slick of balm.
  15. How many high end products do you own? Not loads, but I have been spending more on products since I went on a clothes spending ban. Some of my favourite things to splurge on are good moisturisers, lipsticks (from mac, although I love high st offerings too) and perfumes.
  16. What time do you wake up and go to sleep? I usually wake up around seven and go to bed at eleven or sometimes later. I can't have a lie-in on weekends though, I much prefer to be up and doing things, even if it's just watching tv on the sofa.
  17. How many pets do you have? None.. I've never had any growing up either as my mum doesn't like animals, but as soon as I get my own house it's two cats a dog and maybe a rabbit.
  18. How often are you on Blogger? Not often enough, I'm just not one of those people who can balance posting with a second year workload and a social life. But when it comes to reading blogs, I follow them over on bloglovin' and read them on the bus, in lectures (naughty) and before bed using the iPhone app.
  19.  Do you read comments posted on blogs? If this means comments on my blog, then I read and reply to every single one, but if it means comments on other people's posts then only a few.. Just to see what other people think of the product/ post.
  20. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs? This always shocks everyone I tell, but I have used an iPhone 4s for ever picture on this blog. I recently had my phone stolen, but my friend L is kind enough to let me borrow hers when I need to photograph products.
I hope you've enjoyed reading this tag and getting to know me a bit more.. I tag all of you reading this and if you fancy doing it too, leave me a link to your post and I will check them out!


After a long week of lectures, seminars and the odd night out, the weekend is the perfect time to relax and indulge in a pamper session. And you can't have a pamper session without candles. I love Yankee Candles because they don't break the bank, but they do burn really well. The range is fantastic, the small jars have a burn time of 25-40 hours, and unlike many cheaper candles you can smell them whilst they burn.  Plus they make my uni room feel a whole lot more like home. I've just burnt my way through Pink Lady Slipper; a beatiful blend of rose petals, jasmine and violets. Whilst this was perfect for summer I decided to invest in some seasonal choices and Salted Caramel was top of my list. This candle is described as a blend of "burnt sugar, sea salt and smooth vanilla caramel" but all I have to say is that this makes me very hungry. Next up, Christmas Eve, a candle that simply smells like Christmas, perfectly described as "a warm hearth, sugared plums and candied fruits".

The small jars are a perfect way of trying different fragrances, and with Christmas coming up, sets like these make perfect gifts.  Will you be gifting anyone Yankee Candles this Christmas.. Or perhaps gifting them to yourself?


I've been using Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara for years; it's one of the only mascaras I use regularly (the others are Maxfactor Masterpiece and False Lash Effect if you're wondering). When I saw L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara in the states at a fraction of the price, I had to pick it up.

Application takes a little longer than with regular mascara wands, but the results are so worth it.
The Givenchy product has a smaller and more intricate wand, so it really gets down to the lashline to provide volume and coat every lash. The L'Oreal product isn't as volumising or lengthening, but comes up equally as black. The Givenchy mascara doesn't smudge, clump, or flake, and whilst it isn't waterproof it lasts really well throughout the day. I usually use it when I'm going for a more dramatic look, and it still lasts really well even when I'm dancing the night away.

I would say that if £22 seems too much to spend on mascara, then try the L'Oreal dupe, but if you really want something that frames and openes up your eyes with dramatic, fluttery lashes, then the Givenchy product is a winner.

Verdict: Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara

Does anyone else use these ball like mascaras? Do you know of any other drugstore versions?


If you haven't heard of the #bbloggers chat on twitter, it takes place every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm. It officially lasts for an hour, but often goes on longer and it's a time when bloggers come together to talk about all things blog related. Sunday's chats have a topic, which you can vote for here and Wednesdays chats are just designed for a general natter. It's a great way to meet new bloggers, find blogs to follow, perhaps gain some more followers and learn about products that you're interested in. I always come away from the chat with a whole host of new blogs to check out and a list of products I want to try. Here are some of the things I've bought recently on the recommendation of other bloggers during the chats:

The Body Shop Skin Primer in 02 Matte It £12
TBS Skin Primer also comes in a moisture version, but I picked up the mattifying one as I can be prone to oily skin. This product applies like a dream, you only need a pea-sized amount so the tube should last a while. I rub it in with my fingers and it instantly makes skin silky smooth. This creates a even base for my foundation and makes it last all day. I usually have to apply more foundation, or a little mattifying powder if I'm doing something in the evening, but for £12 this is a great product.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder £3.99
I initially went in to buy Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99) which is a much hyped product in the blogging world,  but accidentally came out with the Clear Complexion version. Both are designed to mattify skin and set foundation but the Clear Complexion one is supposedly better for your skin. I haven't really given this product a fair whirl yet, but I'll let you know how I get on.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel in On and On Bronze £4.99
'On and On Bronze' is a lovely shimmery bronze, which can be pared down for daytime wear or built up and blended to create a one-shadow-smoky-eye. I also own 'Pomegranate', a beautiful light plum shade, and I'm on the hunt for 'Permanent Taupe' which always seems to be sold out whenever I go in store. These cream eyeshadows last all day without creasing or rubbing off, even without a primer. I'm not that impressed by the shade range; there are a few questionable brights, but worth the hype nonetheless.

Rimmel Salon Pro in 237 Soul Session £4.49
My first Salon Pro nail polish is a beautiful peachy nude and is one of the ten shades created by Kate Moss. It took two coats to get an opaque finish, and the wide brush makes application easy. The shade range is fantastic and they last for days without chipping. Thumbs up.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon £7.99
I bought this product a while back, and since have bought the shades 'Tutti Frutti' 'Juicy Papaya' and 'Candy Apple'. All of these feel lightweight like a balm, but leave a decent colour payoff and sheen, without being at all sticky. They are perfect for daytime wear as they are simple enough to reapply without a mirror. They come in so many different shades, but my only gripe with them is that lots of them are super shimmery.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 4 Deep £3.99
This is probably the most hyped out of all these products - but is it really worth it? I picked one up on my last trip to Boots and I love it. The shade is a perfect match for my skin, and it covers any blemishes or dark circles really well. I find it can be a little cakey, but this is easily solved by warming it on the back of your hand and applying with a concealer brush, or using an eye cream first. There are only four shades, and it would be nice if they made more but drugstore brands often do have limited shade range. For £3.99 it's a great basic to have to hand, you really can't go wrong with it and I'll be repurchasing this concealer without a doubt.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 005 Crush £7.99
I've heard that these are dupes for Clinque's Chubby Sticks, which I've never tried due to the price. I'm not a massive fan of lip pencils, and these are a little too glossy for my liking, but would be great if you like a sheer and glossy finish without the stickiness of gloss. The colour payoff is good, and there are a few pretty shades in the range.

So have you tried any of these products? Does the #bbloggers chat always leave you with a long wishlist of products to try?


Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Lotion £5.10
This moisturiser has fast become part of my everyday routine. I have dry skin, and need to moisturise after every shower, or else my skin feels tight and itchy. This product claims to "firm, tighten and smooth skin" and it lives up to those claims pretty well. My skin feels intensely moisturised after use, but not tacky, which is great because it means I can use it in the mornings. After a few weeks my skin feels smoother and firmer, and even if I skip moisturising for a day, my skin doesn't feel as dry as it used to. This product also comes in a rich version, which I will definitely be snapping up for the colder months.

Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Oil £6.96
This oil is my favourite product from the Q10 range. It smells amazing, and it doesn't spill out from the bottle which is usually my biggest problem with oils. It doesn't leave skin too greasy; I like to apply this before bed and I can put my pyjamas on within five minutes without them sticking to my skin. It's super moisturising and great for dry skin. The bottle says "suitable for massaging stretchmarks" but doesn't claim to reduce the appearance of them, so I wouldn't use this as a Bio Oil replacement. I think the key features of this product are its moisturising properties, the fact that the bottle lasts ages and the great price.

Nivea Q10 Plus Goodbye Cellulite Gel Cream £10.89
This gel claims to "boost circulation in problem areas and hydrate your skin" and "visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite after 4 weeks regular usage." I've been using this for a few weeks now on my thighs, bum and hips, and haven't noticed any difference in the firmness or appearance of my skin or cellulite. The gel smells lovely and is easy to apply. It initially feels a little sticky, and takes a few minutes to sink in, but leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft. When finding the link for this product I realised it costs over a tenner in Boots, and I don't personally feel the product is worth that much. I think I bought it on offer and it cost me around £7 which I still feel is a little overpriced. Whilst I reccomend the Q10 Plus lotion and oil, I would say that this product doesn't add anything to my routine. Perhaps combined with regular dry body brushing and plenty of exercise and water, this product could make a difference to the appearance of cellulite, but I've been pretty lazy with my diet and fitness routine recently, which probably hasn't made it a fair test. After all, there are no miracle products to completely 'get rid' of cellulite - somebody invent those please.

Has anyone else tried anything from this range? What did you think?


The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
is a product I bought  I rub it into my skin using a facial brush, also from TBS, which adds in a bit of exfoliation without being too harsh on my skin. I then rinse with water and wipe my face with a flannel or muslin cloth soaked in warm water. Some bloggers have said they like to follow up with another cleanser to make sure every last scrap is off, but I find that it comes off really easily. My skin feels soft and clean, but not tight after use. It gets off every scrap of make-up, even waterproof mascara, and doesn't sting my eyes, which is great as they are usually quite sensitive. The smell isn't at all overpowering - nothing like camomile tea - which is an unusual but welcome change from TBS, and a little of this product goes a long way.

TBS also do other products in the Camomile range, and I really want to try the cleansing oil. Do you use any products from this range?


Hello October! I was pretty shocked when I realised I haven't blogged for a whole month, especially as I've got some great products lined up to review and have (possibly) found some locations and a person to take some ootd's. I don't want to dwell on the reasons I haven't posted, but life has been pretty hectic recently.. I just feel like I haven't had a spare moment to myself and my October resolution is definitely to fit in some more 'me-time'. Having a month away from the blogosphere has made me realise how much I love doing it, and I can't wait to get back to regular posting. I thought I'd include some snaps of what I've been up to recently; despite having a crazy busy month I have managed to fit in a few fun things, and I got some amazing news yesterday, which I can't wait to share with you all when I am allowed.

Pizza on the BBQ
Walks by the coast
Moving back to uni
Scrummy lemon dessert

A trip to IKEA
See you guys soon for some beauty reviews and wintery outfit posts!


Product raving happens alot here at HIW.. especially now that I seem to blog about beauty far more than I intended when I started blogging, however, if you could only buy one product.. make it this one. A cult classic, Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream can be used as a moisturiser, a highlighter, a lip balm, a brow-tamer, a cuticle cream, a face mask.. not to mention it's healing properties when applied to cuts, grazes and burns. The list is endless. Take it on the plane to revive dehydrated and jet-lagged skin, or use the SPF version when you land. It really is a multi-use product and is definitely worth the price tag.

Would you buy this? Or do you think there is a better 'do-it-all' product out there for less?


 “Bad feels so good.”

When I was given this perfume for Christmas two years ago, I wrote it off and decided to regift it to someone much younger (everyone regifts right?). After leaving it in my drawer for a few months I decided to have a sniff of it in Superdrug. To my surprise, I loved it. So much so that I used it every day and have just repurchased a larger bottle. I've never been one for celebrity scents, but this is one of my favourite everyday perfumes that I have EVER used, and so maybe I shouldn't be so reluctant to try some others.

Reb'l Fleur is described as a fruity chypre. The initial smell can be overpoweringly sweet, but the dry down blooms into some lovely florals with hints of vanilla and coconut. Containing top notes of red berries, plum, peach and poinciana; heart notes of Hawaiian hibiscus flower, violet, tuberose and coconut; and then base notes of vanilla, patchouli, amber, musk, this fragrance reflects Rihanna's Barbadian roots, but also her present glamorous jetsetting life. Though Reb'l Fleur is a fantastic summer fragrance, reminding me of days spent of sunny, beachy islands, it works throughout the seasons. 

I bought mine from Cheapsmells which always has a wide range of perfumes at fantastic value. Can anyone else recommend any other celebrity perfumes? 


I picked up these two lipsticks and lipliners from MAC a good few months ago now, maybe around February/ March time, snapped away at my new products, popped them in my make-up bag and promptly forgot to put them up on the blog. It’s safe to say that I have been using these four regularly and now that they are fairly close to running out I will give you my thoughts.

First up, the lipliners:

I originally went in looking to repurchase 'Whirl', but as it was out of stock, the lady recommended Dervish, which I find to be slightly pinker than Whirl. I like to fill in my whole lip with lipliner before applying lipstick, to add some staying power but Dervish is creamy enough to stand up on its own. I wanted something neutral enough to go under many lipsticks and I actually prefer Whirl, which is a my-lips-but-better sort of colour. However, like most MAC lipliners the formula cannot be faulted and I imagine this would look great worn alone if you have a lighter skintone.

Brick is described by MAC as an "intense golden red" and works really well under most red lipsticks. As it's a deep, dark red, it gives a little more intensity to bright tomato reds, which don’t seem to suit my skin tone so well. Again I like to apply this all over my lips before applying lipstick, but it's velvety enough to wear alone.

And the lipsticks:

Plumful is a lipstick I had been lusting after for a while before purchasing, and I have to say I haven’t used it as much as some of the other products in this post. It is a lustre finish lipstick, which is of my all time favourite finishes; it's definitely the most wearable. Like other lustre's, Plumful is more like a balm or light gloss, and doesn't dry lips out. It's easy to wear and easy to reapply, even without a mirror. However, this comes up much more pale purple toned than I imagined it to be, and I find it's not as pigmented as some of the other lustre finishes, even when it's built up. 

Brick-O-La is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks, and definitely one for the 'repurchase' list. It is an Amplified Creme formula so really opaque and creamy. I usually find that this finish only works well if my lips are in good condition, otherwise it goes on a little patchy, however this lipstick seems to be the exception. I tend to have to apply Amplified Creme's with a lip brush to ensure a perfect finish, but Brick-O-La goes on really well straight from the bullet. MAC describe this shade as a "mid-tone berry"; it is more pinky than it looks in the bullet, with terracotta red undertones, but it's certainly not not the dark brick red you might be expecting from the name. I would say that Brick-O-La is the perfect day time red.. sometimes a bright bold lip can be a bit much for the day, but this muted red gives a lovely pop of colour without being too 'out-there'.

So there we have it, my last few MAC purchases. I wanted to treat myself to some summer lip brights, but as I'm short of cash it will have to wait until September. Next up on my wishlist is Costa Chic, a pretty coral and Modesty, a blushing nude. What lip products are you guys lusting after right now?